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Naturpenis is a complete program of exercises that collects the most modern and effective techniques that exists today for  natural penis enlargement. To make the exercises easier, Naturpenis provides many photos and long duration professional videos where there’s a detailed explanation, through simple instructions, of each of the exercises included in the program.

 When you become a member of your program, you will have unlimited access to all the information about the exercises, techniques and advice given in the program.

Without doubt, we count on hundreds of clients all over the world that have already benefited from the fantastic results that our exercises have brought them. Furthermore, not only will you increase the general size of your penis, but you will also improve other important aspects as ejaculation, intensity and duration of erections or blood circulation. Also, the results are fast –few weeks- permanent and without any side effect for health.

Our members write to us everyday telling us the important improvements they have achieved since they started with the program. With Naturpenis, not only will you enlarge your penis´general size several centimetres, both in length and thickness, but obtain many other benefits like for example, the ability to retain more blood which results directly in an increase of the blood flow and by extension in more dynamic and extended erections, all of this resulting in a better sexual performance. Also the penis sense of touch increases and control over ejaculations improves.

Of course, regular practice of our exercises is totally harmless health wise , not forgetting that Naturpenis is endorsed and recommended by prestigious urologists and professional doctors in this field that have been able to state the effectiveness and security of our programme. If they are done properly, these methods are reliable and effective. Moreover, you can control the intensity and pressure of the exercises with your own hands, according to the demand of the programmed level you are in.

Naturpenis program for natural penis enlargement is the only one that offers 35 innovative exercises and includes many photos and professional long duration videos where there’s a detailed explanation, through simple instructions, of each of the exercises included in the program. This way, you’ll always know how to carry out the techniques without problem. Moreover, our research team is always renovating and developing new exercises to extend and optimize the service to our members.
35 Innovative exercises.

Not  at all. All techniques included in our program are simple and comfortable to practice, also they are not painful and our research team is constantly renovating  and developing new exercises to extend and optimize the service to our members. Each technique goes with a video and an explanation that will help carry it out properly.

According to our specialist team, it’s advisable to carry out the program for at least 6 complete months, as you’ll start to see results during the first weeks, it wouldn’t seem logical to slow down the progression ( the more time you follow the program, more results you’ll obtain).

Of course. At Naturpenis we know how to treat our members, for this reason we have an assistance service on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll happily help you with all the questions and problems that come up about the exercises or any other inquiries you might have.

Usually you’ll obtain palpable results after the first weeks of starting the program- both in length and thickness- though, the more regular you are with exercise routines, more and better results you’ll obtain. Also there are other personal associated factors to highlight  such as eating habits, genetics or life style that can slightly change the results from one person to another. However, what we can assure you is that when you finish the program, you’ll have a larger and thicker penis.

Yes. In fact, many of our members have used other products while practicing the exercises, like pills or creams. At Naturpenis we consider that the benefits brought in by our exercises can’t be obtained with other methods, however, once you have accessed our web as a member, we´ll inform you of all the products for this purpose that can be found on the market at the moment, pointing out which ones are reliable in case you decide to try them.

As nothing has to be sent to your home, you’ll have immediate access to all the information available on our website as soon as you become a member of our exclusive program. Once you have made the payment, you’ll receive the access codes (via email) to start as soon as possible with the exercise routines. Remember that you will have access to all contents of the website from any PC.

The answer is yes, although with care. We prefer that you follow our instructions, yet you can increase time period as well as intensity of the exercises as long as it doesn’t cause any kind of trouble or pain. We recommend, though, that you don’t alter the warm up routines and that you  keep the rest days that we suggest in the program.

Yes. Among our members there are people of all ages and social statuses that are very satisfied with the results achieved. However, we do not recommend that under 18s follow the exercises nor people with some sort of illness or condition of the penis.

No. The exercises and techniques that are part of Naturpenis are secure and 100€ natural, that’s why they are also beneficial for the general health of the penis. There’s no side effect associated to the use of Naturpenis, as long as you follow correctly and step by step the instructions.

Our team recommends a period of rest of at least 2 hours. This means an acceptable recover period with which you reduce drastically the risk of injury and also you assure an appropriate response of your penis during intercourse.

Of course, Naturpenis is designed for men with different penis sizes and is as efficient  regardless the measures of each one. Furthermore, the smaller the size the more noticeable the achieved effects will be.

People’s life style affects all aspects of their existence. It’s obvious that having healthy habits and leading a life as balanced as possible without any kind of excesses, is better for your health. However, disorganized habits don’t necessarily have to affect, either negative or positively, the results obtained with the program. Although we particularly  recommend  that you try to lead a life as organized as possible.

Of course it is. Warm up is an essential part of the program, you should always include it in your exercise routine as it not only helps optimize effectiveness of all the techniques included in the program but it also improves blood flow of the penis and prevents risk of injury. It’s also a good option to finish a training repeating  some of the exercises that belong to the warm up for 2 or 3 minutes.

This is possible because once the walls of the corpora cavernosa are repaired by the penis- this process takes place while you sleep- this increases size and the penis becomes stronger which means that blood accumulation also increases and the cells multiply. This has a direct effect on the extension of the erectile tissue. When your penis has acquired certain size, it will be permanent as like any other body tissue, it can develop and increase its size without losing the dimensions achieved when stopping the exercises.

This is a personal question. There are some people that don’t give excessive importance  to it  and  others consider  that having a big penis is essential to maintain pleasant sexual relations. In our opinion, it’s important to have certain measures at least that can assure satisfactory sex but also we consider that an endowed penis affects inevitably increasing  your self confidence and self esteem not only on a sexual plane but on all levels.

No. Naturpenis is designed to increase and improve characteristics and provisions of your penis independently from personal condition. In this respect, you can be  at ease because our program works efficiently  in all cases (except under the circumstances mentioned before).

Only the name of the payment, there will be no reference to the program’s name or its purpose. Anonymity and privacy are a priority to us.

With no doubt. At Naturpenis we count on the most innovative and efficient security systems that exist on the market. We are aware of the scepticism involved for some people when it comes to buying on Internet, that’s why we follow on-line security directions imposed by the USA  and the European Union.

Absolutely. Under no circumstance will our clients´ personal details be commercialized, or made known. You will only need to give us the exact and necessary information to be able to make the transaction with assured security for both sides.

The cost of the program will only be charged once (49,95€). Through this one and only payment, you’ll have unlimited access for life to the program and its updates.

If I have problems accessing the member zone, what should I do? In the case of having problems to access the member zone, to pay or any other reason, you can write to us, Naturpenis, and we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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