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IMPORTANT: The first step to enforce the repayment of the money is to contact our Customer Service team to verify the validity of the guarantee; we do not accept returns that have not been consulted beforehand. Please keep the original packaging of the product.

All shipment (round trip) has to be paid by the buyer. The warranty is valid only if the client has tested the product for the minimum time specified in section of Guarantees and if you buy (in the same order) the number of units needed to make the treatment during that time.

With the intention of guaranteeing quality and effectiveness with each exercise from the Naturpenis program, we count on the invaluable support from prestigious doctors who have endorsed us. We are proud that health professionals have made tremendous remarks regarding the incredible benefits woman may have from using the exclusive NaturPenis program.

Doctors have had access to videos, images, and the distinct techniques that we offer here. These doctors have been left astonished after seeing the unbelievable results achieved within such a small time.

As soon as you become a member of our program you will have instant access to all the information available on the website. After having realized the payment, you will receive the access password to enjoy our useful and effective advice and video exercises.

Whether you make your purchase by credit card or by any other method, your order will be completely safe. We guarantee that we will never give away your private information with your expressed consent. We use only the highest maximum-security platforms to preserve your personal data and any other information that may be private and confidential. No one will be able to access our databases to substract such information. Your e-mail, address, and contact details will never be exposed. We conform to passed and valid legislation (Data Protection Law of 1988).

The only thing to appear on your credit card will be the platform of payment, and in no case will there ever exist reference to the name of the program, or its purpose. The anonymity and security of our customers is very important to us.

Whether you buy with a credit card or any other method, your purchase will be completely secure and your personal information will remain confidential. We guarantee that we will never give out your personal information to anyone without your permission. We use the most secure methods of payment so that your purchases will be secure and no one outside of our payment department will be able to obtain your information.

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