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With the exclusive exercise program Naturpenis 100% natural and medically recommended, not only will you increase the size and thickness of your penis, but improve all its provisions such as the quality of erections, sexual capacity or and aesthetics. Besides, the results are fast- few weeks-, permanent and without any side-effects on health.

Our program’s effectiveness is mainly due to the combination of traditional techniques and innovative ones. Some of these penis extensor methods  are specially developed to increase the thickness while others are to promote length (so called jelquing techniques)

Naturpenis program is based on several kinds of exercises that are distributed into 4 different levels: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED and EXTRA ADVANCED – defined according to time and intensity. These levels then are divided into different sections (warm up, length, thickness, etc) that define and optimize results in as little time as possible. Our techniques are individually designed for each specific area, which assures fast and relevant results.

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Our program includes many photos and professional long duration videos in which you will find detailed explanations, through simple instructions for each exercise that forms part of the program. Each technique comes with a video and an explanation that will make easy its correct performance. With Naturpenis you don’t have to improvise anything as our staff will lead you step by step so at all times you know the order of the exercises, the intensity of each of them, and when to take the measurements.

Basically, the penis is divided en into 3 areas: 2 large compartments located on top called Corpora cavernosa and a smaller compartment  located below called corpus spongisum. When having an erection, these compartments widen and fill up with blood. The spongy body is the main ejector of urine and sperm, the corpora cavernosa, on the contrary, can store up to 90% of the blood that reaches the penis when an erection is achieved..

It’s known nowadays that the penis´ limitations in length and thickness are determined by the quantity of blood flow that is received and the volume of blood that can be stored. That’s why, the only reliable system that exists to increase the size of the penis is to develop and extend the size of the corpora cavernosa. This is possible thanks to our techniques, specifically created to enlarge and extend the penis increasing blood circulation, what improves the arterial erectile function and reinforces the blood flow of the veins and arteries on the penis without increasing pressure.

In short, the penis has a thin and spongy tissue capable of absorbing a great quantity of blood  (here is where our exercises come in hand, their purpose being to increase considerably the proportion of blood absorbed by that tissue) what makes it enlarge and provoke an erection. Our exercises stimulate those cells causing new layers to appear over the old ones. Then, the cavities of the corpora cavernosa regenerate, extending more and more and therefore holding more blood so that after a few weeks the erectile tissue will have increased and the result will be a longer and thicker penis.

These techniques we refer to are not only positive to increase the general size of the penis, but are also useful to increase its blood flow without increasing blood pressure (as mentioned before) and to exercise and develop PC muscle (which is located on top and behind the penis and contracts towards the pelvis); something that is always beneficial for the penis´ health. This is what our exercise program Naturpenis  focus on, being designed specially to work on the mentioned areas and help improve fitness and provisions of your penis.

What our exclusive exercises really do is tear the walls of the cavities of the corpora cavernosa increasing the quantity of blood that enters them multiplying the number of cells. What happens then is that the penis restores the cavities making them larger and steadier than before retaining more blood.  This extends the erectile tissue and in a few weeks the penis experiments important changes both in length and thickness..

At Naturpenis, we’ll teach you the procedures to follow, how to train and exercise the corpora cavernosa, the spongy body and the cavernosa arteria. You can say without fear of mistake, that most men have a slightly endowed penis or are simply not fit. The Naturpenis exercise program will make your penis achieve its maximum potential increasing not only length and thickness, but contributing with other benefits like the ability to retain more blood and maximize the blood flow or increase sexual stamina, all of this causing a higher sensitivity of the penis and a better sexual performance, with more intense erections. However, the main aspect of our techniques is that the results obtained are permanent, that is, that when you stop doing them, you won’t lose the achieved improvements. This happens because the penis` cells don’t contract once they have increased in size, since while practising our exercises, the penis` cells are always expanding.

All techniques that form part of our program  are simple  and comfortable; moreover they are not at all painful and our research team is constantly renovating and developing new exercises to extend and optimize the services to our members.

The unique and exclusive naturpenis exercise program is 100% natural and safe. Our techniques that make up the program are normal exercises that will not cause penis lesions. They are completely inoffensive to your health. Although, we don’t advise that you use our program with excess. You should keep a regular routine for each day and finish the step by step instructions before moving on to the next level. You should also respect the given time limitations that are shown in our record chart.

These exercises are based on research and studies carried out in 1970 by Dr. Brian Richards in the United Kingdom. The studies were published in the British journal of sexual medicine after having received incredible results. Apart from this discovery and the jelq exercises, they started to develop these modern exercise programs

In contrast with other programs, only naturpenis is only backed and recommended by the most prestigious urologist and medical professionals in the field. Our exercises will work quickly and efficiently for you. You won’t ever experience any type of secondary side-effect on your health. If they are done correctlly, these methods are safe and effective.


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